All the Ideas

So if you are feeling crazy and like your head is going to explode because you can't seem to find one single focus, give yourself a break and love the fact that you love so many things. We are not the type to be stuck behind a desk, or to be fulfilling someone else's agenda. We have a lot more to give and a lot more to experiment with. 


It takes all kinds of women to make this world of ours go round. I have always known the power and veracity of women, and lately I have been saddened by the the negativity women are placing on each other over the life choices we are each making. 

International Women's Day

Today we celebrate the power of women around the world. We celebrate the strength in our voices. We honour the women who risk their lives every day to speak about the truth that is happening in their countries. We honour the lives that have been lost, or that have been pushed into the darkness. We have not forgotten you and we are fighting for your rights, for your freedom and to finally live in a world where we are all equal. 

My Fundraising Story

I stumbled into fundraising quite accidentally. It was the summer after my second year in university and like 90% of students I was desperately looking for a summer job. I saw an ad to work with this company that looked super fun, engaging and most importantly paid $3 more than minimum wage. I was hired immediately and found out that it was for a street canvassing position.

Non-Profits Should Act More Like a Business

Non-Profits are responsible for achieving their bottom line(s). Every group, organization or association has a social bottom line they are committed to achieve and through that comes commitments to stakeholders, funders, board members, recipients and overall revenues. Although a non-profit is set up in a way to not receive profit for their work, almost every other aspect of their infrastructure is mirrored with the for-profit world.

How my Biggest Success was my Biggest Failure

In 2013 I co-founded my first company. It was a huge deal. It was a for-profit Canadian company operating in Ghana West Africa. Our main source of funding was the Canadian and Ghanaian Governments. Our focus was on implementing a taxation and business licensing system to allow local level governments to generate their own revenues. This would allow them to not depend so heavily on non-profits, foreign support or the federal government to take care of community needs.