All the Ideas

Sometimes I feel like I have too many ideas, too many passions and want to go in too many directions. I am sure I am not the only one who struggles with this double-edged sword.

For years I have battled with never feeling settled, always thinking about what’s next, never being satisfied when I hit my goals, and having interests that go in every direction.

I used to keep a notebook that I would just write ideas in daily. I started with writing three ideas a day, whether I thought they were good or not. Three turned into five, and soon I was filling pages with ideas for anything and everything that I cared about. The back of my yearly planners are covered in colourful ink and mind maps of great ideas that I have had and passions that pour onto the pages.

Some people say I am all over the place. And they are probably right.

I get bored easily. That shouldn't surprise anyone that knows me or who has worked with me. I love the start up and figure-it-out stage. I love the chaos and ambiguity of problem solving. However, I always struggle once a routine is put into place and I need to do the same thing day in, day out and be just as excited as I was day one. When my creativity is capped, or my learning no longer has a runway, I get bored and antsy.

So I keep writing down all my ideas, and start playing around with the ones that excite me and that are easy enough to dive into immediately. I used to hate this aspect of myself. I have said for years 'I wish I could just be content with one thing and just stop needing anything more'. And then I started hearing this word go around - multi-passionate - and it quickly became my word.

Sure, this multi-passion can come across as unfocused, unstable or whatever negative connotation you want to associate with it. However, it has also given me the ability to adapt quickly, be creative, actively learn, extend empathy and solve problems without a lot of context. Those are some pretty incredible skills.

Visualizing your ideas (and this doesn't have to be with drawings, trust me, I can barely do stick figures) is powerful, and the ones that keep coming up over and over are the ones that are telling you something. Having a lot of ideas can seem like a curse. To this day, some days still feel like that for me, however I have also learned to love them and allow that creativity to keep flowing.


Most of my ideas will never work out, or maybe I try them and they aren't what I thought. Some of them will, and when that happens, really cool interactions or projects will be built and there is no better feeling in the world.

So if you are feeling crazy and like your head is going to explode because you can't seem to find one single focus, give yourself a break and love the fact that you love so many things. We are not the type to be stuck behind a desk, or to be fulfilling someone else's agenda. We have a lot more to give and a lot more to experiment with.

Go ahead, get out there, write them down, try them out and don't listen to those who say you have no direction, because you my dear carve your own path.