International Women's Day

Today we celebrate the power of women around the world. We celebrate the strength in our voices. We honour the women who risk their lives every day to speak about the truth that is happening in their countries. We honour the lives that have been lost, or that have been pushed into the darkness. We have not forgotten you and we are fighting for your rights, for your freedom and to finally live in a world where we are all equal.

As we celebrate the steps we have taken, let's also use today to amplify the sound of our demands to bring women to the table, to respect our bodies and our lives. There is still so much work to do and we need to use the momentum that has been created over the last 18 months to push us forward. Change is coming.

And because I will never be able to express it as well as Oprah, here is her speech from the 2018 Golden Globe Awards. May her words ring true in our ears today and always.

Oprah's Speech

If you are looking for groups that are doing a phenomenal job moving women's rights forward check out:


MATCH International Women's Fund

Journalist for Human Rights

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Planned Parenthood

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