Every morning I spend time by myself getting my mind into the right space for the day. This means getting up earlier than the rest of my family, putting my feet on the cold ground before the sun is up and helping myself to the first cup of coffee. It is not always easy, but I have found that it is always worth it.

I have been learning a lot about manifestation and the power of intention in my personal life and have seen it unfold in my professional life over the past 6 months.

Hear me out, it may sound wishy-washy but I think there is something to it. I don't necessarily believe that it is possible to make anything happen just by thinking it enough or saying it out loud enough times (I could be wrong), however this is my thought on manifestation;

Manifestation is the constant and consistent reminder to ourselves that we have something bigger to accomplish. It is setting the intention verbally or mentally every day that we are going to achieve our bigger goals. This does not minimize the hard work or roadblocks that will get in our way, but rather grounds us back in the bigger picture of what we want to accomplish.

I firmly believe that intention is a powerful tool. Intention mixed with passion is a winning combination. It is very difficult for individuals in any organization to make change or achieve what seems to be impossible without having the passion behind it. It is impossible to lead a team you don't care about, to raise money for something that doesn't excite you or to run a program that you don't think is going to work. If you fall into any of these areas, you should probably look at finding something new.

Those of you who have audacious goals and are feeling that tinge (or tidal wave) of fear about diving into them, you are in the right spot and I encourage you to take five minutes of your morning, whether it be at your desk, or on your way to work to truly set your intention about what you want to achieve. Create a mantra that can be repeated whenever you think about it, or write down a sentence five times and keep it somewhere you can see to remind yourself of the direction you are going. Channel your passion and I can guarantee you will have greater success.