Innovative Fundraising

These are the areas I am exploring more in the fundraising world and I’d love your thoughts on them. If you know about or want to chat about these funding possibilities send me a message. I’d love to connect!

Cryptocurrencies and Fundraising – how can non-profits raise money through cryptocurrency? What are the risks? What are the upsides? How does this change how they receive and give out money?

Humanitarian Impact Bonds – A group of Global Women came together last year to create the first every Humanitarian Impact Bond that was $27 million USD for the International Committee of the Red Cross. This is huge and this group is continuing to find cutting edge funding to accelerate humanitarian work around the globe.

Does your entire organization need to be a non-profit set up? - What about a split between For-Profit and Non-Profit? There are groups who have separated their models into having a for-profit and non-profit side that allows them to fundraise and generate an income. Yes there are legal implications around this and governance issues, however  I think this idea has the potential to be really effective.