It takes all kinds of women to make this world of ours go round. I have always known the power and veracity of women, and lately I have been saddened by the the negativity women are placing on each other over the life choices we are each making. 

Today I am 31 years, married with a two year old son, working in a field I love and all around pretty happy with life. There are people around me who encourage me daily and always put up with my whims and life changes and there are those who are extremely hard on me and don't give any social graces for not having it all together. 

I have seen this happen to women all around me and it's crazy and so unnecessary. And it doesn't just happen to moms, it happens to women who have chosen to not have children as well. It's like we can't win. It's the age old story that women need to also support and uphold other women and not tear them down for the choices they make. 

I have incredible women in my network who are single, killing their careers, living their dreams and being all around badass bosses. They work 100 hrs a week because they want to and love to and they are checking off career goals left, right and centre. They love the freedom and ability to make decisions for themselves and to live a life of adventure and change. 

There are women I know who travel 200 days of the year while they have young ones at home and partners who pull their weight while they are gone. These ladies are being incredible mothers, leaders and career drivers in industries that are still predominantly male. They harness the power of technology to kiss their babies goodnight from a world away or reply to text messages about a missing blanket. They are incredible. 

Women like myself are figuring out where we fit with balancing mom desires and career desires. We experiment with our schedules, we have lines that are trying to balance career and life and we are hustling hard, bringing out best selves forward so our kids see us happy and healthy. 

Taking care of children is the most time consuming, emotionally consuming and mentally consuming job out there, and I am forever grateful to his daycare provider for having the stamina and ability to care for not only him but for multiple other toddlers all at once. I couldn't do it. Women who chose to take care of other women's children for a living are heroes in my mind. I don't know how they do it and I am in awe of them. 

Moms who have embraced the mom-job full time blow my mind. How you think of things to entertain your littles one for an entire day is beyond me. How you can change so many bums and wipe so many noises and deal with so much energy 24/7 baffles me and I have the most respect in the world for you. Thank you for raising the next generation full time. 

So let's stop with the judgement. We've all heard it before and no one likes it and let's praise each other for the choices we have made, for the paths we have chosen and for the fullest lives we are living. 

All hail all the women.