Hi, my name is Beth and I have over 10 years of non-profit and social enterprise experience. I've been a founder, an employer, employee and everything in between. I am passionate about developing new projects, figuring out complex problems and helping you and your business or non-profit level up.  We have been living with the same old story around the charitable sector – a bunch of passionate people, living on pennies a day, begging for money and looking to make a difference. And I am so tired of this story. The work you are doing is important and matters and I am here to help you reinvent yourself.


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In Canada there are over 170,000 non-profit and charitable organizations. That is a staggering number that is only getting bigger. Let me help you stand out among the crowd and get a head start on your planning. You have the dream and the vision, I just bring along the extra (wo)man-power  you need.  


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Let's get started. Learn more about my experience and understanding of the non-profit world and how I can help your passion become a reality. 


I believe that everyone has a purpose and dream they want to fulfill. I am here to help make that happen for YOU. 



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