How do you decide what type of business model is right for you? Building a business plan can be overwhelming and time consuming. Where do you start? How does your model generate revenue? Should you be a for-profit, non-profit or hybrid model? I can help answer all of these questions and provide you with a working model that is right for your growing business or idea. If applicable I can also build multiple scenarios by working with lawyers and other professionals to take that burden off of you. What you will get is options that we can walk through to make sure you are working within the best model for you and your business.



Sometimes you just need to know more people, and that can be time consuming and hard to know where to begin. You have a full plate and trying to research and discover who could be a good partner just doesn’t seem to make it to the top of your list. I can help with that. Let me dive in to your sector and figure out who aligns with you, what others are doing and figure out how to get you connected to more people. 



Whether you are a non-profit or for-profit business, having a strong line of sight on resources is crucial for success. With my extensive background in resource development I can research and develop a funding strategy that will be right for your business or non-profit. Funding is all around us, it is just a matter of knowing where to look, and I can help alleviate that stress by doing the backend work for you and providing you the right direction to access your funding streams.



Scaling your work is both exciting and scary. With scaling comes growth and rethinking how you are doing your current projects. I can help walk you and your team through a design process that will ensure your projects or programs are scalable and creative to ensure you have a strong infrastructure built for your new growth.


Beth is an amazing person to work with. She has so much passion and heart and would do anything to help causes and people she feels deeply about. She believes in constantly developing your self to become a better person and has the drive to get things done. She has so much heart and was made to empower, encourage and make a change in this world. It truly is a joy to work with her.
— Franchesca Weeks, Givesome Foundation