What Others are Saying

Beth immediately hit the ground running to improve and structure the fundraising methods for the organization. She was responsible for developing and redesigning multiple fundraising campaigns, high net worth donors and corporate donations.
— Shayne Smith, Chair EWB Canada

Beth's passion for what she does is evident in the way she approaches relationships and cultivates new interest to support her work. She is able to gain people's trust and simplify complex concepts that people can buy-in and feel like they are a part of something bigger.

— Tim bancroft - Executive in Residence, The Banff Centre

Beth is a woman of action. She literally takes matters into her own hands and creates her own possibilities; no dream is too far-fetched and nothing is unattainable. She has a very 'take charge' and proactive way of thinking, which is evident in everything she does. Whether it's in her career or her personal life, Beth handles obstacles and challenges with great ease and grace – it is truly an admirable trait.

— sujanthi manivannan, ward 28, scarborough centre

Beth knows how to
apply herself to the task at hand. She is creative and knows how to solve complex problems. She is an excellent communicator and team player. A major strength is her persona which reflects her dedication to the task at hand.

— don thurston - Investment counsellor


Beth is an amazing person to work with. She has so much passion and heart and would do anything to help causes and people she feels deeply about. She believes in constantly developing your self to become a better person and has the drive to get things done. She has so much heart and was made to empower, encourage and make a change in this world. It truly is a joy to work with her.

— Franchesca Weeks - Project Manager, Givesome

Beth is an exceptional thinker, collaborator, and practitioner in any realm of change, especially when it comes to international development and community development/ support.  I've followed her career with great interest and watched as she has built incredible teams and led some of the most inspiring innovations I've seen in how to connect meaningful, impact-seeking work with resources. I would trust her with any high-stakes position or contract, and I can't recommend her enough. 

— Michael kang - Owner, evolve on purpose